Monday, 6 May 2013

I'm Still Here!

 Aloha! Long time no blog I know, profuse apologies all round. Partially I have been lazy, partially I have been working on other projects and partially I have been enjoying my recovery!

I went back to work around the beginning of March. I did a phased return, which I really recommend - the first couple of days back I felt pretty much exhausted by lunchtime, but by the end of my first week I was almost back to normal. So I've been back for two months now (how time flies!) and doing good.

I had a series of blood tests done in March by my endocrinologists and they came back looking good. My ACTH response wasn't quite back to normal, so I'm still taking hydrocortisone (albeit at a low dose), but my endocrinologists were optimistic that hopefully I'll be able to come off it in a few months. The same thing happened after my first surgery, so fingers crossed! The rest of my pituitary hormones are all fine - my TSH and free T3 and T4 came back the lowest they have ever been.

I'm back up to my pre-surgery level of fitness now too, and hopefully going to surpass it! I dance for 3 hours a week, swim for an hour, do lots of walking, the odd run, and yesterday I bought a bicycle so now I'll start doing some cycling too. I'm only taking propranolol very occassionally - I still get the odd bout of a fast resting heartrate, particularly after eating, but it's not often. I'm off to the doctors for an ECG to check that out tomorrow, although chances are it won't show anything and they'll need to do a 24-hour heart tape.

So all in all things are looking good so far. I've had an MRI scan now but I don't get the results til the 20th May when I go to meet with the neurosurgeon. Fingers crossed!