In case you're looking through my old posts and wondering: IMFW stands for "Interesting Medical Fact of the Week". I try to write one brief post a week which mentions (you guessed it) a particularly interesting medical fact or piece of news, which may or may not be to do with pituitary tumours. Although obviously pituitary tumour news is wildly exciting.

Here's a list of previous posts:

25/06/12 IMFW: The (Un)Lucky Yasser Lopez
Even a harpoon through the head couldn't stop this guy!

18/06/12 IMFW: Autism Research Defrosted
A freezer malfunction at a brain bank has serious consequences for autism research.

15/06/12 IMFW: The King's Evil
A look at the history of scrofula.

21/05/12 IMFW: Blood and Sunscreen
Scientists can make human serum albumin out of rice.

14/05/12 IMFW: Brain Injuries In Sport
High-contact sports may be more dangerous than previously thought.

7/05/12 IMFW: Signed In Blood
A magical new way to identify blood groups in emergencies.

23/04/12 IMFW: Life Imitates Art
The University of Lincoln is offering art courses to plastic surgeons.

16/04/12 IMFW: Facing Up To Your Problems
Another look at face transplants.

10/04/12 IMFW: The Seven Year Itch
An interesting article in the New Yorker explores phantom limb syndrome.

2/04/12 IMFW: Face Transplants
The most extensive face transplant ever has just been performed in the US.

26/03/12 IMFW: Out Of Gas
The world is running out of helium. That's bad news for medical imaging...

19/03/12 IMFW: Nodding Disease
A mystery disease is turning into an epidemic among children in Tanzania.

12/03/12 IMFW: Don't Be So Prosthetic
The oldest functioning prosthetic ever discovered... is a wooden big toe from Egypt.

5/03/12 IMFW: Eyeing It Up
A quick look at the history of the glass eye.

27/02/12 IMFW: Turned Into Bone
An incredibly rare disease can cause the body's fibrous tissues to turn into bone.

22/02/12 IMFW: Poliomyelitis
The global effort to eradicate polio is working towards one final push.

13/02/12 IMFW: Schistosomiasis/Bilharzia
Looking at snail fever.

06/02/12 IMFW: "Excited Delirium"?
The latest diagnosis to hit the headlines.

30/01/12 IMFW: Aluminium Does What, Now?
Aluminium has been accused of causing all manner of ills.

23/01/12 IMFW: Avast, Ye Scurvy Dogs!
Scurvy: the most piratey illness in the world.

16/01/12 IMFW: Love Your Liver
The liver has incredible regenerative powers - but even they have a limit.

09/01/12 IMFW: Shave And a Haircut, No Legs
A look at the world of the medieval barber surgeon.

02/01/12 IMFW: Moral Dilemma
The question of what should be done with the body of Charles Byrne, the Irish Giant, currently on display at the Hunterian Museum… against his wishes.

26/12/11 IMFW: Beware Boxing Day
The most dangerous day of the year...?

19/12/11 IMFW: Blood, Blood, Blood, or: Don't Move To Hong Kong
A look at the international prevalence of different blood groups

12/12/11 IMFW: The Burzynski Saga
An interesting controversy around a science blogger

5/12/11 IMFW: Arms For A Leper
Lies and misinformation about leprosy

28/11/11 IMFW: Art Imitates Life
A tour around the National Gallery reveals (somewhat tenuous) medical conditions.

21/11/11 IMFW: Retrospective Justification
Disliking sprouts is genetic. A scientist said that, so it must be true.

14/11/11 IMFW: heART
The winners of the British Heart Foundation's heart images competition

12/11/11 IMFW: Pituitary Newsflash
Scientists grow functioning pituitary tissue from mouse stem cells

7/11/11 IMFW: Tom Thumb or Toe Thumb?
A man's big toe is sewn onto his hand to replace a missing thumb.

31/10/2011 IMFW: Hedgehogs
A look at the sonic hedgehog gene