About Me

I am a 23-year old girl who was diagnosed with a TSHoma (pituitary adenoma secreting thyroid-stimulating hormone, also known as a thyrotropinoma) in December 2010. This excitingly rare brain tumour appears to have been the culmination of all my childhood attempts to be "special".

As well as neoplasia, my cells enjoy mitosis, catabolism, and badminton.

You can contact me at: emer.grey@gmx.com

I'm writing in a rather ad-hoc way about my experience with diagnosis and treatment of my pituitary adenoma, but if you want to read the main posts about my story in chronological order, here they are:

1. The beginnings of my symptoms
2. My first trip to hospital
3. Attempts at Diagnosis
4. Finally Diagnosed
5. MRI Scan
6. Question Time with Mr Surgeon
7. Pituitary Surgery: Pre-operative Assessment
8. The days before pituitary surgery
9. The day of my pituitary surgery

My trip to the hospital's research facility:

Part 1 - The Research Facility
Part 2 - DEXA bone and body density scans
Part 3 - Heart monitor and step testing