Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Picture Me This

I have decided that what this blog is reallly lacking is pictures. As a graduate of the five-year-old-child school of picture-book thinking, I am pretty much certain that the ratio of writing to ANYTHING ELSE is skewed. This blog is VISUALLY DULL, and randomly writing phrases in capital letters will not help that.

I don't really have any exciting pituitary-adenoma-relevant pictures, other than maybe one of me in hospital with a big fat bloody nose right after surgery, and honestly that's a picture-book which the five-year-old child does not need to see. I don't even have a copy of one of my MRIs. But I am going to the zoo this weekend, so I guess I can always bring back a picture of a tiger...

Obviously I didn't take this picture, because it's actually good. Damn you, B_cool on Flickr!

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