Thursday, 29 March 2012

What Should I Blog About?

This is a question I frequently ask myself. Recently it occurred to me to use the Google AdWords Keywords search - which shows you the number of searches for particular keywords globally - to see how many searches are made every month for the different topics I write about on this blog. As you hopefully have noticed, I blog chiefly about my experiences with my rare tumour of the pituitary gland, which secretes too much thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). This kind of pituitary adenoma is sometimes referred to as a thyrotropinoma, or a TSH-oma. But they're very rare, so I wondered - how many people are even looking for information about this online?

It's not looking good:

Thyrotropinoma: 28 searches per month.
TSH-oma: 480 searches per month.
TSH secreting pituitary adenoma: 170 searches per month.
Grand Total: 678 searches per month across the entire world.

So although no-one could deny that this blog has certainly found a niche in the market, it looks like my target audience is pretty minute. Hearteningly, searches for "pituitary adenoma" are much higher, so that may help. Plus, Blogger gives you a breakdown of the search terms that people used to find your blog, so you can see what searches are the most popular. It's an eclectic bunch; my favourites from the past week include "extreme fat men", "barber with no legs" and "can you get nigeri fowleri from picking your nose".

So in future I'm afraid those are the topics I'll be focusing on.

Anyway, this evening I'm off to the hospital for my latest MRI scan! Note that I use "latest" both in the sense of "most recent" and "overdue", as I was supposed to originally have it in February and they failed to book me in. Again. Nevermind! There's nothing I enjoy more than going for an MRI at 7pm at night. I didn't even know hospitals had outpatient appointments for scans that late in the evening!

Anyway, I shall be reporting back tomorrow...

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