Thursday, 31 May 2012

Progress Report

Long time no post! In fact, I returned from my holiday a week ago and have just been lazy incredibly busy and productive.

I am in fact on study leave from work at the moment, so technically I should be drawing a big spider diagram using my favourite set of coloured pens right now,* but as I have one heck of a pituitary tumour headache right now I am slacking off to write this message to my adoring public. Whoop whoop!

It has now been four weeks since my last trip to the hospital, when my endocrinologists told me they would call me in "a couple of days" to arrange an overnight stay filled with fun metabolic tests and delicious hospital food. They have still not called me, although I have called them twice and both times spoken to a receptionist who could not help beyond sending a note to the relevant doctors. I would be less annoyed about this if it weren't for the fact that I have to stay off my medication until they get these bloody tests done and consequently all my symptoms (fast heartrate, shaky hands, hair falling out, etc etc) have been worsening slightly.

The worst of the worsenings has been how hungry I have been getting! Oh my god. It is deeply irritating! I can tell my metabolism has gone up because I am just so darn peckish all the time. It sounds stupid but it's really annoying to live with.

Anyway, I realise that this is basically a super dull post, so I will end it here. Hurrah!

*Not a joke. I do this.

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