Friday, 14 September 2012

One Year Later

It's been precisely one year since I started this blog! Here is a link to my first ever post. Ah, fond memories.

It's actually a bit of a fluke for me to be posting this, I knew I started writing about a year ago and have been meaning to check the precise date for weeks and haven't got around to it... until today. Which happens to be the one-year anniversary of the day I started boring the internet to tears with an excess of information about my pituitary tumour. And other people's pituitary tumours. And the history of pituitary tumours.

Not entirely sure how this anniversary should be celebrated, although obviously getting wasted is always a classic option. One year ago I was still getting over surgery; now I'm waiting for another surgery.* In September 2010, this blog got a grand total of 157 views; so far this month I've had just under 1,000 and we're not even halfway.

Ok, that's getting dull fast. I'll just say happy blogoversary, thanks for reading, and please force your friends to do the same. Or, if you've just started reading and you don't like what you see, your enemies.


Have a picture of a monopod from the 1473 Nuremberg Chronicle. Because why not?
*And, indeed, for the NHS to get its fat ass in gear and give me the medication I need.

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