Friday, 2 December 2011

My Heart Goes Sha La-La La-La

My rate of posting has dropped slightly recently, down from those heady days in November when I was continually finding out new facts about Russell Watson, and stalking unwitting commentators on the Guardian's website. This is not because I have lost interest in such matters - far from it - but because I'm taking exams at the moment and consequently dedicating my energy to revision and work, rather than obsessive tumourhead fact collection.

Incidentally, the most popular search term for my blog is currently "peoples big noses". Say what?

In any case, as well as spending my days drawing extensive mind maps, and making full use of my considerable collection of coloured pens,* I have discovered a new and interesting fact about my post surgery self; namely that my traditional mild pre-exam nerves (which previously I rather cherished for their ability to get me writing quickly) now serve to completely undermine my body's new-found ability to regulate its own heartbeat.  So, with a speedy speedy heart, the exam was a slightly more stressful experience than I had expected, and I will definitely be carrying beta blockers with me next time.

Ah, tachycardia.

*Because that's what revision is about.

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