Monday, 16 April 2012

IMFW: Facing Up To Your Problems

IMFW retro-post is sneaky. Yes, that's right. I am writing this Interesting Medical Fact of the Week on Wednesday because I'm rubbish,* but I am retroposting it so it looks like it was posted on Monday, because I'm cunning. But I'm telling you about it because I'm honest. Damnit!

Anyway, last week's interesting medical look at face transplants proved pretty popular - let's be honest, face transplants are both amazing and intriguing. And everyone wants to see the pictures. So I figured that I would carry on in the same vein/paranasal sinus, because I am too unimaginative to come up with another good topic at this late hour.

But here is a link to a pretty amazing film clip of Dallas Wiens, the first American man to undergo a full face transplant, one year after surgery. He suffered serious  burns from a high-voltage wire when he was just 23 years old, to the point where his entire face was effectively destroyed; he was blind, with no lips or nose, and he had to be placed in a medically induced come for three months while surgeons attempted to reconstruct what they could. Since the transplant, he has regained some facial sensation, is able to smell, speak and breathe through his new nose. When you see how severely disfigured he was before the transplant, you can appreciate just how incredible the effects of the surgery were.

*And because I was in the office for ten hours straight on Monday and so busy I only just managed to take a ten minute lunch break.

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