Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Quick Update

Hello! Here is another short post - I know, I know, I'm a reprobate. Obviously what the internet really needs is another one of my long rambly posts about injections and hand dryers. But the internet will have to wait.

So as I hinted previously, I was sick last Tuesday, having managed to pick up some kind of stomach bug that just made me throw up all the time. Any time I got out of bed, I threw up. So I made the sensible decision to stay there for the day. Admittedly, since childhood I have been notoriously prone to vomiting at the least provocation - car journeys, overexcitement, eating too many of those sweets shaped like flying saucers with sherbet in the middle. When I was about twelve, I went through a phase that lasted a couple of years where I just threw up every time I stayed around a friend's house. There was no apparent cause (I don't know if my parents thought I was just drinking  excessive quantities of alcopops, but in honesty I wasn't). Eventually I grew out of it. But even for me, I think that being sick seven times in eleven hours is some kind of record. I actually managed to pull a muscle in my stomach slightly from it. Nice.

Oh by the way, heads up - if you're grossed out by talk of me being sick, you probably shouldn't have read that last paragraph. Just a warning.

Anyway, the point is that although I was a bit pathetic for a few days given that I hadn't been able to eat or drink on Tuesday, I am now fine! Raring to go, in fact. Except obviously I have to catch up on all the work I didn't get done, and more importantly having given up chocolate for Easter I now have a whole lot of catching up to do on that front as well.

I've not yet heard from the hospital regarding my latest set of blood tests or the MRI I had, but my next appointment with my endocrinologist (well, in theory it's with him. In practice, past experience tells me it could be literally any endocrinologist) is on the 3rd of May so I'm assuming I'll get everything then.

Interestingly, I've realised that now I'm back on the lanreotide injections, which have slowed my heart down again now - there's a bit of a time lag, but after two months' worth of injections it has slowed down significantly even without medication - my heartrate has become an accurate predictor of me getting ill. It's happened before with colds that my heartrate started to go up noticeably about a day or so before I felt the symptoms, and again with this bug I had last week. So next time instead of just being annoyed when my heartrate rises for no apparent reason, I shall run around telling people that I'm psychic and I foresee that I will come down with a cold in the immediate future.... Sweet!

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