Monday, 7 January 2013

An Update: Surgery Next Tuesday

Preparations are coming on apace for my pituitary surgery on (drumroll...) the 15th January! (That's next Tuesday, for those who are hard of thinking.) Compared to last time, I feel a lot more relaxed about the whole thing. Partially it's because it's not an unknown quantity; I've had the operation before (albeit with a slightly different surgical approach, as this time it will be endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery) and I know much more what to expect. I think the timing is pretty good too; as it's so soon after Christmas, I didn't really think about it much over the holidays and now it's practically already here!

There's always the faint worry that they might cancel it at the last minute again, which would be really annoying, but there's not a lot I can do about that. I've been doing lots of fun things in preparation for being an invalid for six weeks; yesterday my boyfriend and I went on a really nice walk in the countryside nearby, and next Sunday I've planned an afternoon tea party at my house (guest numbers are slightly restricted by the number of chairs we own) which should be fun. I did contemplate making it a neurosurgery-themed afternoon tea party, and trying to ice cupcakes with brain shapes, but sadly I suspect some of the guests might find that slightly offputting.

 I'm off to spend a day in hospital on Wednesday for all my pre-surgical check ups with endocrinology and neurosurgery. Mainly they centre around repeatedly asking questions about what medication you're on, symptoms, do you understand the risks of the surgery, etc. I think I'll also have an appointment with opthalmology - and I'll be surprised if they don't take any blood tests because it's practically a hobby now.


  1. Good luck! So sorry I can't be around for tea parties :( xx

  2. Good luck and welcome to the two-time pituitary surgery club! I've been there as a distant blur in my past. Sure you'll brave it through with gusto.