Monday, 21 January 2013

Post surgery update

It's coming up on a week now since my pituitary surgery last Tuesday morning. This time last week, I went out to a meal with my boyfriend and parents, then headed home for some last-minute packing.

I seem to be doing pretty well so far (touch wood). Yesterday was fun, my boyfriend's parents came to visit which was really lovely, and I even made it outside in the snow very briefly. Normally, I am a keen maker of snowcreatures (my best effort to date being a snow walrus) so it has been very sad for me to not be able to take advantage of the weather.

Today is the first day I've not had an afternoon nap, though I'm mostly still alternating between lying on my bed and lying on the sofa downstairs. I think compared to last time I had surgery I feel a bit more awake mentally, but physically I'm still super pathetic. My brain is quite happy typing this all up, but my body is protesting that it would be so much easier to just lie down. Except then I get super bored.

In terms of medication, I'm taking hydrocortisone - that's standard after pituitary surgery as there's always a risk that the pituitary gland will stop producing adrenocorticotropic hormone after surgery, which could be quite serious. I have a nose spray and also (prepare for grossness) I have to rinse out my sinuses three times a day. It basically involves putting a bottle full of saline solution against one nostril and gently squeezing; the water then goes up one nostril and out the other. It is a very disconcerting sensation but it's actually really good. Last time I had pituitary surgery, no-one suggested this, but because I had endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery this time, an Ear Nose and Throat surgeon worked alongside my neurosurgeon, and he has instructed the sinus rinsing. The result is that I can breathe through my nose less than a week after surgery, which is a huge improvement on last time.


  1. Glad to hear that you're feeling better in the nose at least, and don't worry about the snow - it's only January, we'll surely have more soon! Hope that Hottr does his job well. xx

    1. Haha, fingers crossed we'll get another snowfall when I'm up and about more - and then, bring on the summer, I am in need of some sunshine :) xx