Friday, 13 January 2012

Lies and Calumny

I am ashamed to say that, after my previous rant about the lengthy process I will have to undertake each month before getting my lanreotide injections, the pharmacy has wildly surpassed my expectations (and, to be fair, my previous experiences) at Step 4 of the spotter's guide to Somatuline injections, and got the syringe delivered one single day after I ordered it. That is pretty impressive! So I felt I should set the record straight.

Sadly, I will not be taking advantage of this to have my first injection early, as I'm already booked in to have it on Monday the 23rd; I've arranged to work from home for that day and the next so if I get horribly nauseous like last time I can continually munch on ginger biscuits. Plus, I'm going to a formal dinner on the 21st, it was expensive, they are serving DUCK (my favourite), and I have no intention of wasting good money and better food by feeling ill throughout! Hurrah!

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