Thursday, 19 January 2012

Making The Drop

My Somatuline injection has been collected from the pharmacy (eventually; the poor pharmacist couldn't work out where it was for ages, because of course I forgot to mention that it would be in the fridge) and dropped off at the GP's surgery.

I have a great and enduring respect for medical receptionists, not least because two of my closest friends have worked as medical receptionists for some years, and there's no-one I'd rather have access to my private medical records. Nonetheless, every now and again one of the receptionists at my local GP's does cause me a certain amount of difficulty, which, I must emphasize, is no doubt due to her innate personality traits and not to her profession.

Disclaimer aside, the short story is that, despite my protestations that there was only one nurse at the GP's surgery who was trained to give me the injections and that therefore I should have the appointment with her, the receptionist booked me in to have the injection with another nurse because the first nurse was "away all week", insisting it would be fine because all the nurses are medically trained.* Against my better judgement, and despite saying that I would be happy to wait for the first nurse to return, I eventually gave in, knowing that if worst came to the worse, there are instructions inside the packet.

Fast forward to yesterday,when I went to drop off the lanreotide syringe at the GP's surgery; the first nurse happened to be in the reception when I arrived. On hearing that I was to have the injection with another nurse, she said she would have to explain the injection to her but more significantly was confused as to why I hadn't booked to have the injection with her in the first place seeing as she was only away for two days.

I was going to write up the long story, but I'm afraid it was even more boring.

In any case, the point is that next week my pituitary adenoma will receive a sudden shock when I have my first lanreotide injection, and I'm hoping that the symptoms caused by my pituitary tumor will finally subside. Here's hoping!
*Of corse, this was news to me. I thought they were just people with a needle fetish who wandered in off the street.

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