Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Further Phonecall Funtimes With The Hospital

Another hilarious hospital moment: so on Friday I was heading to London for a friend's wedding (congratulations Mrs X!). The wedding wasn't until four, but I was doing the bride's hair and makeup and consequently heading down there nice and early. I felt almost certain that the hospital would attempt to phone me during the ceremony, because their phone call timing is always so hilariously dire. I am happy to report that they did not! Hurrah! Instead they called me just as I was trying to get onto a train, juggling three bags, one of which had to be kept upright at all times, and a cup of hot coffee.

Anyway, I made it to a seat without dropping the phone or spilling hot coffee all over my dress, and very proud I was too. The best part of the phone call was the beginning, which went like this:

ME: Hello?
ENDOCRINOLOGIST: Hiya, is this an OK time to talk?
ME: Yes, now is fine! (I am quite the liar)
ENDOCRINOLOGIST: SO I was just calling to let you know that I've confirmed the date for you to come in for your overnight testing on the 3rd to the 4th July-
ME: I'm sorry, did you say the 3rd to the 4th?
ENDOCRINOLOGIST: Yes, the 3rd to the 4th July, as we agreed on Monday?
ME: On Monday you told me it would be the 2nd to the 3rd...
ENDOCRINOLOGIST: Oh, did I? Sorry, it's actually the 3rd to the 4th. I'm always doing things like that, haha!


Fortunately I could do the 3rd-4th as well, although I had to cancel plans to have dinner with a couple of my friends on the evening of the 3rd (sorry guys!). But I have to admit I was slightly taken aback at the fact that the endocrinologist didn't even inquire whether the new date suited me, despite the fact I would obviously have to re-clear it with work etc. She just assumed there would be no problems.

Perhaps at this point I should reiterate the fact that the hospital I'm treated at is in the main very good, with regards to treatment, explaining things, liaising across different departments, making sure I'm seen by multiple members of the endocrinology team etc. The nurses there are absolutely lovely, and when I had my surgery they really did look after me well. It's only in the administrative context that they fall down so abysmally, and I guess if it's a choice between a hospital providing very good treatment but being rubbish at arranging appointments, or vice versa, we all know which we'd prefer.

But anyway. The long and the short of it is that I will be going into hospital next Tuesday afternoon and staying in til around four o'clock on Wednesday. They've managed to arrange it so I will have my first PET scan on Wednesday so I won't have to come in again on a different day, which is good news. As for precisely what tests they are going to do, they've been kind of vague on the details but have said they'll send me leaflets on them; it's going to include a further pituitary MRI, some kind of body composition scan (I am now slightly afraid they'll tell me I'm composed of 90% fat), along with another bone density scan I think, and what I believe is technically referred to as a "shitload" of bloodtests.

I'm supposed to come off the beta blockers from the 31st and not take them at all until after my last set of blood tests on the 4th, which is going to SUCK. I have to travel through London on the 31st and I am really not looking forward to it now. I'm frequently finding I have a resting heartrate of about 120bpm at the moment and I've had to double my daily dose of beta blockers compared to what I was taking when I was on the lanreotide. Erk. I have expressed my annoyance on here previously at the fact that doctors really don't understand how rubbish tachycardia can make you feel; it just makes absolutely everything feel like really hard work. I'm also slightly suspicious that when I get there they might try and make me run on a treadmill or something (someone I work with had metabolic testing at the same hospital in the same facility and that's what they made her do) which without beta blockers would beeven less fun than usual!

So I'm going to try to remember to take my camera along with me to the hospital and take some pictures while I'm there, if they'll let me! Other people with medical type blogs always post pictures of their scans or having tests done or whatever and I never do, so I am determined to have a bash at it. If worst comes to worst I shall at least endeavour to get some exciting shots of my hospital bed...

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