Thursday, 14 June 2012

Morning brain is stupid brain.

Long time no blog! I apologise profusely, please forgive me. I blame exams and the subsequent having-of-fun after them. Anyway. Resuming regular service.

So yesterday I called the hospital again and expressed my unhappiness at the fact that, six weeks after the appointment in which I was told I would be contacted in a few days, I still had not so much as heard from them. By now I was supposed to have had all my tests and be back on lanreotide.

This morning - a phone call from the pituitary endocrinologist! Who managed to call me at the exact same time that my alarm usually goes off in the morning. My sleepy brain couldn't work out why the alarm wouldn't snooze in the usual way, when suddenly I realised it was a phone call. Panicking, I tried to answer it using the touch screen (instead of just pushing the big green button before my eyes). The touchscreen - as usual - sulked and refused to function so early in the morning.* So I missed the phone call but did get an answerphone message saying he would call back and he apologised for the "unexpected delay" in getting back to me.

So now I am once more waiting… interminably waiting...
*Much like my brain.

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