Thursday, 21 June 2012


I finally had a phone call from the hospital on Monday. I was offered a timeslot for my overnight stay and all the various tests they want to do on the 2nd-3rd of July. Alas, they can't do the PET scan on that day because the tracer they use comes in batches sufficient for two people, so they have to match you up with someone else who needs the same scan before they do it. So we're looking at doing the PET scan on the 10th July instead.

Good news!

It was a slightly disconcerting phone call; the endocrinologist asked me if I could confirm that the dates would suit me on the spot, and I said that I was pretty sure they would be fine but that I would need to check it out with work before I could be 100% certain. This seemed to genuinely confuse her. Equally strange was when she asked me if I was on any medication; I replied that I'm on propranolol, a beta blocker. She said that it could interfere with the tests and I would have to stop taking it for three days; so I said that although I was willing to give it a go, I would probably find it quite difficult to not take any for three days. This really baffled her - she asked me what I was taking it for. I said tachycardia (fast heartbeat) - but I'm pretty sure if I had said that I was taking it to keep the little green men out of my ears, she couldn't have found that more peculiar. It was strange, because this was something I had already discussed with the endocrinologist who originally asked me to have these tests - and he said that if I found it difficult to get by without it then they'd just not do some of the tests.

Ironically, my heart tends to operate on a bit of a timelag and takes a while to show any effect from my thyroid levels either increasing or decreasing, and it has only started to really go a lot faster in the last two weeks or so - which means that if they'd just organised the damn tests when they said they would, I might have been able to cautiously get by. However, I will be travelling through London on the 1st July with heavy bags and that is stressful enough even when your resting heartrate's not 120bpm.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that she said that these dates "still need to be confirmed" with the clinical research facility place where I will be going (how exciting) and that she would call me back and let me know when they're definite and also tell me more about what exact tests they will be doing. That was on Monday. Today is Thursday. I am really hoping that doesn't mean there is a problem with the dates.

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