Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hypoglycaemia time!

Had my first bout of post-lanreotide hypoglycaemia today. It's silly, you'd really think I would be used to handling it by now but it still catches me unawares now and again. Fortunately I had a delicious and nutritious dried fruit bar with me to help out, although it's not quite as good as Starburst. Mmm, Starburst.*
In other news, since having my Somatuline Autogel injection last wednesday I have been feeling rather better; I've been able to take fewer beta blockers because my heartrate has been a little slower, which has been reeeally nice - and also slightly surprising, because my heart is usually extremely slow to react to hormone changes, as far as I can tell. Plus it has been noticeably easier to go to sleep and to get up in the mornings which oh my goodness is seriously appreciated.

Also I was reading a newspaper article about the Olympics and I got a little teary-eyed, so I guess the "overemotional" aspect of these injections has also jumped in to play. People who know me in real life, you have been warned! Don't show me pictures of sad animals or I might drown you in my tears.
* No, I'm not sponsored by Starburst. I'm just hoping if I mention them enough they'll take pity on me and send me some free Starburst.
Mmm, Starburst.

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