Thursday, 5 July 2012

Medical Test Top Trumps

In relation to last night's post: Panic over! Turns out the darn thing is completely waterproof after all and I should have just left it on. Another example of my excellent sievebrain: good at draining pasta, not so good at retaining pertinent information about medical devices.


I am back from l'hôpital and I did indeed have an interesting time of it. While I did not appreciate waking up to an array of 23 blood tests yesterday morning, I can't deny that they hospital have been pretty darn thorough in their endeavours to understand what my pituitary tumour is doing to my metabolism! They also thoughtfully froze some spare blood - in case they later think of other blood tests they wish they'd done at the time. The tests were partly for research purposes into TSHoma and other rare thyroid conditions, and partly to decide how they want to move forward with my own treatment.

Here is a list of the tests and scans they did:

MRI Scan
CT Scan
PET Scan
DEXA Scans:
     - body composition
     - bone density (spine and hip/femur)
ECG heart trace
Step test
Actiheart 5-day heart rate and activity monitor
12 hour urine collection
Glucose tolerance test
GEM resting metabolic rate testing
TFT bloods
Blood pressure, blood oxygen, etc.
Symptoms/Quality of life questionnaire

Don't know what half of those acronyms stand for? Never fear, neither did I. All will become clear shortly. I had so many tests that there's no way on earth I could describe them all in one post, unless it was the longest and most terrifying blog post in the world, so I figure I'll go through what happened chronologically. In order to introduce an element of competition to the proceedings, I have decided to rate each medical test against a set of four criteria: Hassle (how much hassle the test was to undergo), Fun (how fun the test was. I may have to introduce minus scores), Weirdness (self explanatory) and Results (does the test produce a pretty picture/interesting information once completed).

Each type of test will be scored on a range of 0-5, and by the time I have finished it should be possible to play Emer's Medical Test Top Trumps. Just what you've always wanted!

p.s. - forgot to mention, I took my camera with me as promised so I actually finally have a few photos to show you!

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