Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I Need More Surgery

I just had a phone call from the hospital and it's official: I'm going to be having more pituitary surgery. The results of the tests I had at the beginning of the month show that I'm still "thyrotoxic" as they call it (my thyroid hormone levels are too high) - which to be honest I could have told them myself, as I'm still having symptoms aplenty. The sad news though is that they think the pituitary tumour has grown since my previous MRI scan. My last scan was in March. For it to have noticeably grown in just three months is kind of worrying to me (and also makes me slightly more pissed off that they stopped my injections for four months when I was told it would be half that time - the tumour had been stable while I was on the injections...).

So, that sucks. I am reeeeeally not looking forward to more surgery. Last time I didn't know what to expect; this time I know exactly how many blood tests and needles and rubbish things will be involved, plus oh god when they take out the bandages from your nose! I believe it's slightly more risky the second time around, plus I'm going up against the same odds of ending up with diabetes inspidus/hypothyroidism/addisons disease/other pituitary fail.

I am also slightly concerned because I have had a slight sinus infection since last August thanks to the surgery and it just occurred to me that I don't know if they will even be able to operate unless they get rid of that first?

Here are the bright sides:
- Surgery at least carries with it the possibility of cure.
- I am marginally more in shape than I was last time around, so you never know - my crappy muscles might recover a little faster
- More time off work? (Admittedly, it's just time off to lie on the sofa complaining, but still)
- This time I will remember to ask about painkillers that I am not allergic to and am able to take.
- This time I will take photos in hospital and show them to YOU, dear reader.

So, here we go. Brain Surgery, Round 2!

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  1. Very sad to hear what you're going through, and amazed that you manage to project such a cheerful attitude! Here's hoping that the appointment bumph doesn't get fucked up as usual, and that you recover quickly. xx