Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Back Home

I moved back to my house on Sunday! I'd been staying with my parents after being discharged from hospital post-surgery, because I was basically super pathetic and really needed someone to be around all the time at first. Now I'm able to make myself a cup of tea and some lunch, and walk a reasonable distance, I judged myself able to head home. One of my housemates works from home and is therefore in most of the time, so there'll still usually be someone around to keep an eye on me, which is nice (for me; she may have her own views on the matter...)

Moving back was quite a busy day - my parents live over an hour's drive away and I had to pack everything up ready to head home. I'm definitely not allowed to do any heavy lifting, so the actual fetch-and-carry part of the process had to be left to other people, chiefly my mum and dad (sorry!). We got back, I had a little rest and unpacked my clothes (some of the other stuff is still in bags - I'm progressing, just slowly), and then walked to a nearby pub for a drink. My walking is quite entertaining - I can walk for half an hour or so at a time quite happily now, but what happens is that I start off at something approaching a normal pace and then get slower and slower over time, like a clockwork girl who's losing power. Consequently half an hour's worth of walking does not cover what I would normally consider to be half an hour's worth of ground.

So I'm doing pretty good really - made it into town and back yesterday, although I had to stop for a lengthy coffee break once I got there, and when I got home I curled up in my room and just read for a couple of hours, I definitely felt tired.

I've only had one appointment through from the hospital so far, so I suspect I'm going to have to chase the rest up, joy of joys! I was told I would see the ENT surgeon at four weeks after the surgery (for another camera-up-nose session, alas), have blood tests done at six weeks, see the pituitary clinic at eight weeks, have an MRI at eight weeks and then see the neurosurgeon a couple of weeks after that. So my schedule will shortly be full of treats!

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  1. I am almost three weeks post surgery too (acromegaly due to pituitary adenoma). Welcome to the rare tumor club. I was doing well until 10 days pos when II got massive nosebleeds and needed a surgery to repair. Am recovering now but still really tired. I guess it will get better every day right? I love your attitude. I too have lots of appointments coming up. As I am supposed to go back to work next week it should prove interesting. Keep us posted. It is nice to hear of others going through the same thing.