Wednesday, 13 February 2013

'Flu Jab!

Well, I also heard back from endocrinology yesterday; turns out that they too managed to bugger up my appointments. So the pituitary clinic appointment I was given for the 21st February was cancelled; instead, I'm going in to see the nurses for blood tests on the 28th and am being sent an appointment for early March by post. The lady at the end of the telephone thanked me for calling and alerting them to the fact I hadn't received a "clinical investigations" (what they insist on calling blood tests) appointment, as otherwise they would have booked me in for the 28th anyway and I'd have turned up on the 21st to meet a confused endocrinologist wondering why no blood test results were on the system for me.


So of the three disciplines who are chiefly in charge of my post pituitary surgery aftercare (endocrinology, ENT and neurosurgery), only neurosurgery managed to arrange my appointments without messing it up - although given that they epically messed up my pre-surgery appointments, they don't exactly get any gloating rights as a result.


I went to the GPs yesterday to get a new hydrocortisone prescription and get all my info up to date and get my letter signing me off work. The GP was new to me - since joining the new GP's practice last year, I've been pick'n'mixing which doctors I see, I don't really have a regular GP there - and he was very nice. He even suggested I have a 'flu jab - it's kind of late in the season now but it would definitely not be fun to have the 'flu at present. So I did! He warned that I might feel a few 'flu-y symptoms for the next day or two, but actually last night I felt really good. My boyfriend and I made pancakes for pancake day (first course: ham cheese & chive pancakes; second course: oak smoked bacon and maple syrup pancakes; third course: lemon and sugar pancakes), which were delicious. I had more energy than I have had most evenings since my surgery, which was greatly appreciated. Fingers crossed my energy levels start going up from now on!

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