Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy National Recovering From Brain Surgery Day!

It's a tricky in-between sort of day today, sandwiched between Pancake Day (yay!) and Valentines Day (yay!). Technically it's Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, but that just means you can't do anything fun. And I can't do anything fun anyway (that is actually a lie, I have watched a lot of TV and read a lot of awesome books while recovering). So, I decided: I have co-opted February 13th to be National Recovering From Brain Surgery Day! Hurrah!

Are you recovering from brain surgery? No? Then you should find someone who is and shower them in affection and expensive gifts. Then you should probably leave them for a couple of hours so they can have a nap. But then you can come back and give them more gifts! Because that is the meaning of National Recovering From Brain Surgery Day. Hurrah!

This adorable hedgehog is wearing a hat to celebrate February 13th, as science has proven that people recovering from brain surgery enjoy pictures of cute animals wearing hats.

If you are recovering from brain surgery, then celebrate National Recovering From Brain Surgery Day by demanding attention and love from all those around you. But don't strain yourself. Hey, maybe you should take a nap. Hurrah!

Now for the awareness part: Brain tumours are more common than you might think, especially amongst younger people. Brain and central nervous system tumours are the second most common group of cancers in children in the UK, and they kill more children  and people under the age of 40 than any other type of cancer. Yet brain tumour research receives comparatively little funding; just 1.4% of government spend on cancer research related to brain tumour research in 2011, although the proportion spent on brain tumour research has been rising since 2002.

So! Today be nice to someone who's had brain surgery (whether it was for a tumour or epilepsy or head trauma, or just out of sheer curiosity). If you're feeling generous you could even make a donation to a charity like The Brain Tumour Charity, or get involved with fundraising. But one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family is just to be aware of the possible symptoms of brain tumours.

Have a lovely February 13th!

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  1. Happy National Recovering From Brain Surgery Day to you too! What a good idea. I think that in your immediate recovery , everyday should be National Recovering From Brain Surgery Day. In fact I think I took about a year that I needed extra TLC.
    ! I have only read this posting , so I am day late, but the sentiments are still there. I shall go and find a small animal with a hat . I believe I have a small teddy bear in the corner of the room, ad look - he is weating a hat!