Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Back to La Cura

Regular readers who have not grown tired of my recent lack of posting
may recall that a little while ago I posted a link to a website called
Open Source Cure, created by an Italian man, Salvatore Iaconesi, who has
been diagnosed with brain cancer. BBC News has recently done a piece
about the website, which has provoked a huge response in terms of both
medical advice, messages of support and artwork. Apparently the public
reaction to the website and Mr Iaconesi's interactions with various
doctors have influenced the way in which his brain surgery is going to
be carried out, and the Italian government have even picked up on the
site's popularity, and is now looking at opening up patients' medical

It's quite an incredible response to see. Many people, myself included,
turn to blogging as a way of venting the frustrations of being ill and
dealing with hospitals, as a way of updating friends and family on how
we are, and as a way of connecting with other people in similar
situations. When you have a rare illness like thyrotropinoma, it's
seriously unlikely that you'll know anyone who's been through the same
thing in real life, so it's natural to reach out to others online. But the concept of
seeking not only support and tips but also actual medical advice on
treatments and surgical techniques from complete strangers - from the
whole world - is a pretty unique approach. Given the difficulty that
people with rare medical conditions can have in accessing doctors with
sufficient (or indeed any) experience in the treatment of their illness,
perhaps it's something that will become increasingly common.

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