Tuesday, 16 October 2012

October's Injection

I went to the hospital on the first of October to have my latest lanreotide injection. It feels like ages ago now! They're a long-acting formulation, so they last for about four weeks in your system, meaning that the next one is due on or around the 29th October. Of course, I don't have a date or an appointment to get the next one. That would make life far too easy!

I have slightly begun to wonder whether the hospital has enrolled me in some kind of secret government trial without my knowledge and against my will, where they gradually increase their level of administrative incompetence every month, and see how long it takes before I start frothing at the mouth.

Anyway, I went for the injection and dragged my boyfriend along to the hospital with me, to keep me company during the (usually fairly lengthy) wait. Of course, this was the one time that there was virtually no hanging around, and I was whisked away into the endocrine nurses' lair almost as soon as I arrived. I did request that he get me a coffee while he waited - but as he is not a drinker of hot caffeinated beverages, he became overwhelmed by the variety of -accinos on offer, and consequently I had to buy it myself afterwards. So I decided to publicly shame him on this blog. Friends and family, be warned.

The injection itself wasn't too bad, I'm not going to repeat my usual "sweet jesus guys it's a MASSIVE FREAKING NEEDLE" post (oh wait; yes I am. It's HUGE). The nurse giving me the injection was very apologetic and really somewhat incensed by the delays that I'd had in trying to get it - apparently not only had it taken longer than usual to garner various signatures because everyone had been on holiday, but they also managed to lose the paperwork at some point. Ah, the NHS at its finest.

The long and the short of it is that I'm pretty well determined to write a letter of complaint to the hospital, finally. I don't enjoy writing letters and I've kind of been putting it off, but I really should do it. As anyone who reads this blog regularly must be aware, I spend a frankly alarming amount of time chasing the hospital up about things they've promised to arrange and then entirely failed or forgotten to deliver - and aside from anything else, even ignoring their track history, it really can't be acceptable that patients' treatment is delayed by a month because a doctor goes on holiday. If I go on holiday from my [insert mystery job here] and something needs to get signed off, my colleagues can sign it off for me after checking my notes. I appreciate that medicine is a rather more high-risk calling than [insert lowly job here] but I refuse to believe that in hospitals across the country no-one gets treatment in August because half the doctors are sunning themselves in the south of France.

Post-hospital (and post-coffee) we trudged back to my house, limping slightly (well, I was limping). Unfortunately, having to go all the way to the hospital for these injections means much more walking immediately afterwards, and my leg is quite sore for a few hours. By the evening though, I was fully recovered and even went dancing, which was excellent!

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