Friday, 26 October 2012

Schrödinger's MRI Scan (A Hallowe'en Special)

Some time ago, I received an appointment from the hospital for an MRI scan on the 31st October. I immediately - and diligently - phoned them up to ask whether or not this was a mistake. I had been due to have a scan after three continuous months on my current medication, and due to delays in getting funding for my lanreotide injections, I'd not had one for two months at that point. I was told not to cancel the appointment, and that I would be informed of whether or not to go.

I've reminded them about this twice since, and both times been informed that I almost certainly won't need to have the scan on the 31st - because it would be wildly pointless - but that I shouldn't cancel it, and it will be rearranged.

Well, the scan is next Wednesday (on Hallowe'en, no less!) and I've still heard bugger all. I don't know what the cost of an MRI scan is to the NHS, but I do know that the scanners at my local hospital can sometimes be booked up months in advance, and for me to be hanging on to an appointment I don't need, or to have a scan that won't be particularly useful to my doctors, is stupid.

I was going to attempt to call and remind them about this at lunchtime today, but I was hit by a sudden feeling of futility and hopelessness, so I composed a poem about it instead.


My MRI on Wednesday is sure to be a blast
I'll have more scans in future; I've had some in the past.
But this one will be special, for there's something I don't know -
Nobody has informed me whether or not I should go!

I can't say if they're expecting me to turn up on the day,
Or whether they'll be angry if instead I stay away.
I'm caught in a Catch-22, for I've no way of knowing
if I should go (or not) until I am already going.

It's Schrödinger's MRI scan, with my head inside the box
I'm quantumly entangled like a cat (or like a fox.
The fox is very prone to being used in paradoxes
For it's fairly cute and docile, and it wears such tiny sockses.)

My scan is not alive, yet its brain function has not ended
In terms of animation, it is currently suspended.
Like Dracula, there's still a chance it may rise from the grave;
EEG scans indicate disrupted delta waves.

Perhaps, for Hallowe'en, the MRI team has decided
that they're sick of being left out, and cruelly derided
(The other hospital staff tend to laugh and call them names
because, you see, they claim all MRI scans look the same).

And consequently they've now all come up with this little caper
(Which I find about as funny as a piece of plain white paper)
They won't click "confirm appointment", neither will they click "delete"
And when I show up for my scan, they'll all shout: "Trick or treat!"

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  1. This would have made me lol but that would have been suspicious at work - so instead of putting 'lol' I shall comment
    Smirking Inwardly.

    I do hope it gets sorted out soon.