Saturday, 27 October 2012

Pituitary Awareness Quiz: Day 9

Eagle-eyed readers will have noted that this is in fact Day 10, but I abjectly failed to write a question yesterday (though I did write a poem, which is nearly as good) so it's only question nine. I could have called this Day 10, Question 9, but that just seems confusing so I'm working on the basis that yesterday was just a small aberration in time and space, and the quiz will continue from here!

Pituitary Awareness Quiz
Day 9, Question 9

Q.9: Which of the below is the correct spelling of the full name of the pituitary hormone ACTH? (no cheating!)

a) adrenalcortecotropic hormone

b) adrenecorticotropic hormone

c) adrenalcorticotropic hormone

d) adrenocorticotropic hormone