Thursday, 11 October 2012

Return of the Living Head

And I'm back! Apologies for another long delay. I have not forsaken you, dear reader. As you may remember, I started a new job in September and am somewhat busier than in my previous job - consequently, while I used to spend my lunchtimes peacefully penning delightful (and lengthy) blogposts, I now spend them staring blankly at stories about singing mice on BBC News and resting my poor beleaguered brain. I also moved house around the same time, and so instead of spending my evenings huddled at my desk typing furiously, I now spend them watching Heroes (curse you, housemates!).*

At my workplace this morning, however, I spent twenty minutes looking for a room that didn't exist. I didn't find it, but the experience has left me feeling the need to express myself. And that, dear reader, is where you come in.

However, as it's been so long I thought maybe instead of boring you all with a massive post catching up on everything that's happened, I would provide a quick summary on my progress with my various medical issues. So here goes:

Getting lanreotide injection: 100% complete
Getting funding for future injections: Data insufficient
Getting surgery date: 0% complete
Getting appointment with surgeon: 0% complete
Getting appointment with ENT re. sinusitis: 0% complete
Getting pissed off with all the delays: 100% complete
Writing a letter to the hospital to complain about it: 0% complete
Being cured: 0% complete

As you can see, great progress has not been made, although I have at least had a lanreotide injection now. It was a month late because things kept managing to go wrong at the hospital's end, which is frustrating enough, but worse is the fact that no-one ever bothered to update me on what was happening, which meant that I had to keep calling to try to find out what was going on.

Anyway, more on that another time, this is meant to be my super-quick return of the jedi from the deadi post. Adieu!

* I should point out that I don't just watch Heroes at home. Since moving in, I have also gone stiltwalking, learned how to spin a plate on a stick, covered my own leg in henna tattoos and made the world's worst lemon drizzle cake. But Heroes has featured quite heavily.

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