Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pituitary Awareness Quiz: Day 3

I have to say, I have been delighted almost beyond reason by the responses I have received so far! Today I seemed to spend a lot of my time making pies (apple crumble and puff pastry chicken pie with peppers), and playing boardgames (I don't even remember their names), it was excellent. But it left an unfortunately small amount of time for writing today's question. Nevertheless, allow me to present:

National Pituitary Awareness Month Pituitary Awareness Quiz
Day 3, Question 3

Q.3: Which of these is an alternative name for the pituitary stalk?

a) The fungible branch

b) The expungable peduncle

c) The infundibular stem

d) The peduncular pedicle


  1. c - The infundibular stem

    This was much easier than yesterday's.

    1. Beep beep! One shiny point to you, my friend :D

  2. also c

    Also, congratulations on creating a googlewhack! If you search for the exact spelling you used for expungable peduncle your blog post is the only result (I think you missed an e in the middle)

    1. Shhh, stop pointing out my terrible spelling (and the correct answer) for the whole internet to see...

  3. Replies
    1. I spent ages trying to come up with these, I wish I'd had you here xD